1933-34 Pickup - Eric Clapton

Submitted by Stitch on August 25, 2014
Body Bottom

Eric was watching an old movie called Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. It stared Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges, among others. There is a scene where the two stars are riding in the back of an old Ford pickup. The truck is all beat up, all in primer and looking as cool as can be. Eric fell in love with this truck and wanted one just like it. The chassis and running gear are all new and dependable. The body is being duplicated from pictures from the movie. Darrell Hollenbeck is doing a masterful job in creating the patina look to the cab and bed. He has made the fenders look like the ones on the truck as well with dents, rips and welds. Follow the build to see what the project ends up looking like and if you happen to go to Eric's latest tour, check out the tour shirt with a drawing of the back side of the P/U with an amp and guitar in the back.