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Looking for that "perfect" Low Rider Gangster Window? Check out our Universal Fit window called the Cool Slot™ Gangster Window. Our solution is perfect the answer for when the sun is too hot. Put the top up and open the Cool Slot™. Head down the road and let the airflow through. The PERFECT "Gangster Window" for your drop-top lowrider or any Street Rod.

We now have many sizes of Convertible top rear windows in stock. CNC Billet, chrome-plated inner & outer. SAR Acrylic lens. Our Patented design eliminates the material pulling out from screw to screw and no wrinkles in the corners.

For the first time, you can have an open rear window on your convertible. With the Cool Slot™ Gangster Window open, flow-through ventilation provides comfort, rather than stagnant air trapped in the cabin.

All the parts of the Cool Slot™ Gangster Windows are precision-machined from billet aluminum and triple chrome plated. The assembly rotates to any degree of opening you desire, up to a full horizontal opening position for maximum airflow.

The window is opened by loosening the pivot knobs on both sides of the window and pushing the window open to its desired position. Tighten the knobs and it stays where you position it.

The Cool Slot™ Gangster Window, when open provides about 80 square inches (4"x 20" version) of rear ventilation. Trapped air is released from the cockpit and flow-through ventilation makes you feel more comfortable.

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Gangster Window Sizes available

4" Tall x 20" Wide* - $1,095.00
7" Tall x 24" Wide* - $1,195.00
9" Tall x 26" Wide* - $1,495.00
To order On-Line, please click to select the size you want here

(includes ICI Lucite S-A-RII Acrylic lens) *plus shipping & handling Continental USA. If international shipping is required, we will send you a request for the additional shipping cost.

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